By Hob Social Media Team

Shop Often

…for the best thrift finds.  We receive a steady stream of donations during store hours so stock is constantly being refreshed. Backroom volunteers are on duty most days of the week sorting, steaming, pricing and placing “new” items out on the floor.


Shop Early

…between 10 and 11 AM for a more individualized service. As a rule, we have 3 volunteers on the floor NOON to 4 PM when it’s busiest. Need assistance? Not good at accessorizing? Just ask one of our friendly 80+ volunteer sales staff (Hobbits). 26438574408_c763987d6f_o

The Hobby of Thrifting

…is becoming popular with all ages. Have fun with it. There are many Thrift Fashion Bloggers online. Try the Search on Instagram: #thriftstorefinds #thriftvancouver #charityshops #secondhand #thriftbloggers etc.  Yes, we consistantly receive the most buzz about handbags (and shoes of course).


Use your senses

Yes, scan our colorful displays with your eyes but also use your sense of touch to find quality fabrics: linen, silk, cotton, wool, bamboo, leather, and fur.


Pay it Forward

Donate regularly anytime during store hours. We don’t turn away items like consignment stores might. What we don’t or can’t sell is picked up by local charities or delivered to downtown eastside shelters. If you have donations in volume, call us at 604-733-1412; we can open the back door off the alley for you. Household items too? Remember our sister stores HOB Too | HOB Furniture. For large furniture donations-please call first 604-738-2066.

Downsizing or Estate Organizing

Feeling overwhelmed? Access Professional Organizers online who can help (for a fee). You can express your wish to donate to HOB/VHS and they are happy to oblige:

IMG_2531 2

IMG_2535Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

…versus Fast Fashion is a growing movement worldwide. Look at online Fashion BLOGS or search YouTube to learn more about affordable conscious style and fashion minimalism e.g. Click video link below:

Use Your Smartphone

…to find us on Google Maps or follow on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram.  While you’re in the shop, research brands and compare retail or Amazon prices on your phone. We use social media to communicate with our volunteers and shoppers and to promote our charity shops. If social media isn’t your thing, email us to be added to our HOB Shoppers List to receive notice of sales, events, and articles along with images of Featured Thrift Gems:

Popular Posts – e.g. The post below went out at 6 AM on a Friday and both pairs sold within minutes of store opening. At about the same time, we had an online request to ship to Mexico! (sorry, we don’t offer shipping at this time).

IMG_2529 3

~Thank you for supporting VHS~

All Proceeds go to (1)


  1. I have been a purchaser of wonderful clothes at the HOB for many years, going way back to Dunbar days. One time I brought my sister in who was visiting from Victoria and she put her name down for email notices. Even though I have put mine down several times, I have yet to receive a notice from you about specials. All mine come routed via my sister in Victoria.
    Can you please include me in your next mailer?
    Heather Latondresse


    • Sorry, quite a few times the handwriting wasn’t legible for our social media team. It works much better to receive an address online. Thanks so much. Will fix it and send you a test email. 😀


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