Finds a New Home at the Costume Museum of Victoria 


By Jennifer W.

The coat first came to The HOB by way of anonymous donation, as do most items sold at the store. One of our storefront volunteers, Jennifer was on duty that day. She knew her friend Karen would love this very special piece – brown patterned leather, fully lined in dark fur with beautiful silver buttons. Jennifer contacted her friend who was thrilled to purchase it. Karen wore the coat herself for a while, but it was ultimately donated again, this time to her dear friend Susan, founder and manager of the Costume Museum at Government House in Victoria.

Susan was delighted with the addition to her museum collection. She determined that it dated to the Art Deco period (1920s and 30s), very close to being considered an Antique. The fur is SABLE. The Latin inscription on the buttons “TANDEM PARTIENTIAVINCIT” translates as “ At Last Endurance Wins“. After 10 years of hard work getting the Costume Museum up and running, Susan felt receiving this donation was a good sign that all her efforts had been worthwhile.

The coat was a big hit at the museum. There are plans for it to be modeled in future fundraising fashion shows but first, it will be sent to the Pacific Opera in Victoria where it will be fully researched by their head Costume Designer.

Thank you so much to the HOB supporter who made this wonderful donation and to all our generous donors. It is gratifying to all involved that donated items can find a home where they are fully appreciated, be it 2nd 3rd or 4th time around.

If you’re in Victoria, be sure to visit the Costume Museum at Government House from May to September.

NOTE: If our readers have any info about the coat’s history before it appeared at the HOB, email us thru our BLOG contact link or

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